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Deccan Chargers look good on paper : Ravi Shastri

Posted by sriram on April 17, 2008

As per Ravi Shastri the following teams look strong on paper respectively in that order :

  1. Hyderabad Deccan Chargers
  2. Chennai Super Kings
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders

This is followed by a caveat. But, its a 20-20 format and you only need an over to turn the tide and any team can win.

So true. Its that one over of the game which can change the course, be it six sixers or couple of wickets. It all depends on who holds the nerve on the field. It also boils down to the all rounders and the fielding performances more than anything else. Batting and bowling are the base skills but that’s not what differentiates between a winner and a loser in a 20-20 game. Its one fine fielding performance to stop a four or a stunning catch plucked out of thin air. Also if you cannot perform with the bat then you can do it with the bowl. If you cannot do it with either you can always lift the spirits of the game and change the tempo with one fielding performance.

Players that fit the bill for 20-20 :

  1. Andrew Symonds (batting+bowling+fielding+sledging = full package)
  2. Adam Gilchrist (batting + fielding)
  3. Hershelle Gibbs (batting + Fielding)
  4. Scott Styris (ICC allrounder ranking :8 )
  5. Shahid Afridi (ICC allrounder ranking :2 )

Incidentally all these players are in Hyderabad team.

Sunil Gavascar is rooting for Mumbai Indians because he is from Mumbai. Honest.


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