IPL : Indian Premier League

The new religion of India

Top 10 reasons why IPL will work

Posted by sriram on April 17, 2008

  1. It involves Cricket. Its a religion.
  2. It involves Bollywood.
  3. It involves money. A lot of it.
  4. It involves Reliance Industries (their touch is golden).
  5. It involves savvy entrepreneurs/ business houses who never miss a business opportunity. (GMR, Deccan, India Cements, DLF)
  6. It takes only 3 hours of people’s time.
  7. It is bound to get a result unlike test cricket. (Bowl out is gripping).
  8. It involves australians and pakistanis. Both are known for bringing their own flavor to the game.
  9. It involves cheerleaders. Indians are starved. Its a new phenomenon and they will like it.
  10. It involves SRK. In India SRK and Sex sell. IPL has both (kind of).

A recent survey shows that following 3 C’s are the most covered on Indian television:

  1. Crime
  2. Cinema 
  3. Cricket

IPL has the later two. What more can we ask for.


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