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Kings XI Punjab ad upsets Singh community

Posted by sriram on April 19, 2008

IPL ad shows a clean-shaven man as a sikh. Sikh community leaders took umbrage of this.
Akali leaders are demanding its immediate withdrawal.

Irony is, while thiis news is shown on TV, it was repeated several times. Who benefits from this controversy. If this was not made public and amicably settled with the franchise owners nobody would know about it. That’s not how it was done. A controversy was created making the ad suddenly popular.

I did not notice that the man in the advertisement is not having a beard and wearing a turban.

The more the controversy the bigger hit IPL will be.

PS : I am not a femnist but, did women felt the Knight Riders ad was offensive?


One Response to “Kings XI Punjab ad upsets Singh community”

  1. TheIndian said

    It is very disgraceful that some people in India is not properly representing the sikh community. This is very bad for India as a nation. We need to properly represent every community. I have seen this ad for Kings Xi Punjab and it seems people in punjab are really not happy. So no doubt that very less people will like to watch these matches where KingsXi will play.

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