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Bhajji, lets settle our differences : Hayden

Posted by sriram on April 19, 2008

Hayden has this to say to Times Now

“There is a facade around this competition between me and Bhajji.”
“I want to sort things out with Harbhajan singh.”
“It is important that the pas is put behind us.”
“I am looking forward to playing with Bhajji.”
“We respect each other and we both love winning.”

My question is : But why? Why do you want to settle differences with Bhajji. We liked your differences. We would like to open that can of obnoxious weeds again. You are not playing on the same team anyway. Now, if Mathew Hayden can make a ingenuous comment on Bhajji that would add more glamour to the already glamarous IPL. Doesnt’ it.

Maybe he can ask Bhajji, Why do you get paid more than me mate?

Or he can tell him you dont deserve the price which is more than 2 times of what I get paid. (Bhajji gets $850,000 and Hayden gets $375,000.)

Either way Chennai vs Mumbai would be an interesting match. First match is scheduled on 23rd April at 8PM IST.

PS : Bhajji, please dont settle your difference with Mathew Hayden. He also called you Bhajji which is a derogatory slang in Australia.


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