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The new religion of India

10 Things IPL sponsors want to happen in a match

Posted by sriram on April 21, 2008

  1. A wicket
  2. 3rd Umpire decision pending on a run-out/line decisions.
  3. A batsman or a fielder injured
  4. Last ball of the over.
  5. A player having an argument with the umpire.
  6. Broken stump.
  7. A Black out. I haven’t seen this until yesterday.
  8. Fireworks creating a debris on the ground and groundstaff called up to clean.
  9. Ball needs to be replaced (This is rare in 20-20 format but still sponsors would love it).
  10. Ball lost.
  11. Broken bat. (that’s actually 11 but this just happened in the Rajastan Royals match)

Why? So that they can play their advertisements one more time and bore the audience. The also know that you wont be flipping the channel because you dont want to miss a ball (especially if Yuvraj Singh is batting). Their motto is you can miss a ball but you cannot miss an ad.

Now, what they don’t want is a wicket to fall on the last ball of the over.



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