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Disappointed Deccan Chargers, ecstatic Royal Challengers

Posted by sriram on April 21, 2008

That’s two predictions that went wrong. I thought Deccan Chargers will win. They did not. I thought Royal Challengers will not win. They did.

That’s the beauty of Twenty20 cricket. There is no clear winner until the last ball is bowled and there is no clear favorites to the tournament. Though I still feel Deccan Chargers have the best team.

What went wrong for Deccan Chargers?
1. The pitch. It was horrible and not sure how one could prepare such a pitch. That too in Kolkata. The sport loving city. Though it did not provide any fair advantage to any particular team.
2. Andrew Symonds 1st Over : Why was he bowling his pacers when he can spin the ball and the pitch is really helping you?
3. VVS Laxman giving Symonds the second over. What were you thinking?
4. Not using Chaminda Vaas’s 4th over. Seriously, this is a grave mistake
5. Umpire Hariharan. He was really harsh with Symonds. The track is unpredictable and as a bowler how can you control the ball which turns after it pitches and you are not doing anything to turn the ball.
6. The blackout. This is the first time I have witnessed this. I think it helped Knight Riders
7. Shah Rukh. Along with his entourage he is a big distraction.

What went wrong for Mumbai Indians?
1. Harbhajan as captain? I am not thouroughly convinced. As I have given the ranking in my previous post the first choice would have been Shaun Pollock and last option is Harbhajan Singh. That’s contrarian thinking. Except, contrarian thinking pays well in capital markets not on a cricket field.
2. Robin Uthappa’s obsession with the scoop shot.

Royal Challengers team changes were subtle and good. Chanderpaul is a welcome addition and Wasim Jaffer is a welcome deletion.
The way they fighted back after taking a drumming from Knight Riders is commendable. This is getting really exciting.

Can we expect a turnaround from Rajastan Royals?


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