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Rajastan Royals win in style

Posted by sriram on April 21, 2008

Shane Watson sent the ball packing to  boundary and Punjab team to Uppal, Hyderabad. Commendable batting display from Watson and the young Ravindra Jadeja. Punjab was short of 20 runs atleast. They dont have to go too far to look at what went wrong. Answer would be found in Yuvraj Singh and his obsession with the sweep pull shot. For the lack of a better term for that particular shot. Its the shot that you play on your knee but you pull the ball which is a little wide of off-stump. Sure, it fetches you a lot of runs but its not the only shot you can play Yuvi. He has actually missed a lot off balls trying to play that particlar shot and eventually  got out for that shot

Yuvraj Singh obsession with this sweep shot can be compared with Robin Uthappa‘s obsession with the scoop shot. Both could not win the games for their team.

Shane Watson rocks. Aussies rock. Jadeja is a pleasure to watch.


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