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Sree, Shanth Ho Ja

Posted by sriram on April 21, 2008

Rajastan Royals did some lateral thinking after their defeat and sent Mohammad Kaif up the order. Looked like a good move but it failed. They should be commended for trying that. Now, Kaif was out to a nick off Sreesanth’s ball. What surprised me the most is Sreesanth’s antics (should I call it gig) after he got Mohammad Kaif out. He went to Kaif and yelling something and quickly turned away. What was that for?

Next ball he bowls a wide down the leg-side. Then he has a chat with Kamran Akmal who could not take it any longer and complained to the umpire. Agression is good. Stupidity is bad. Sreesanth doesn’t know the difference between the two. To add that he does not have the performance to back that up. Sreesanth needs to pick a leaf out of McGrath’s book. I am sure he took one, but that’s the wrong leaf. He took the sledging part from McGrath. He forgot about the performance to back that up.

If that was not enough, he bowled a no-ball after the chat which resulted in a free-hit.

Yuvraj came to Sreesanth and had this to say.

Sree, Santh Ho Ja” — Ye Parachute ka ad nahin hain.

Translation : Sree calm down, this is not an ad for parachute.


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