IPL : Indian Premier League

The new religion of India

IPL can be life threatening

Posted by sriram on April 22, 2008

Literally. Apparantly a ball blazed from Andrew Symonds willow hit a person and left him in serious condition in the hospital. This is an accident which cannot be avoided. This happened during the Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers match on Sunday. This match also witnessed a blackout when Knight Riders needed 22 to win from 20 balls.

Another spectator (read fan) was trying to get a glimpse of the bollywood star and Knight Rider team owner Shah Rukh Khan. This spectator fell down from the roof and is in serious condition reports Hindu. This is not an accident. Its unadulterated stupidity. Why do you want to look at Shah Rukh anyway? He aint cute. Besides, he already has Karan Johar with him. This guy’s name is Md Selim. I call him an imbecile.

This reminds me of Shah Rukh’s advertisement. “mera team mein gyara villians hain gyarah”

Translation : “My team has 11 villians” — Does that include you Mr.Shah Rukh?

Moral of the story : Shah Rukh is not only entertaining but also life threatening


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