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Cheerleaders are neither cheering nor leading

Posted by sriram on April 24, 2008

That’s the latest on IPL. Politicians are objecting cheerleaders of IPL because of the obscenity.
Who decides obscenity anyway. Is it the double-tongued politician who doesn’t know what they stand for and what their allegiance is. Well, I don’t think so. You do not get to decide anything unless you run the government properly. Even if you run the government properly, this aint China.

Doesn’t these guys have bigger and better things to worry about. I dont know, how about this list to start with:

  1. Impending general election
  2. How to pull the government down
  3. Rising food prices
  4. Inflation
  5. Global warming (this is not a hoax, this is real)

Now, in the defence of cheerleaders, its the sweltering heat of Indian summer which prompted them to wear clothes like that. They are really cheering for their teams. Whenever a batsman hits a four or a six or a wicket falls they jump and jive and burn more calories than the players. If you cannot appreciate their efforts then maybe you can switch off the television or change the channel to “Kyon Ki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”. If people who are coming to grounds are complaining (which I highly doubt) then please, dont go. But, please don’t spoil the fun for others. Besides, Mallya had spent some serious money on them. Now you are going to ban them. I don’t think so.

If it is politicians I can understand they dont know what would be their winning point, so they jump on everything. Funny thing is, Shahid Afridi is of the same view. He thinks cheerleaders are a distraction for the batsman. Really? Why do you want to concentrate on the girls in pom-poms when your team needs you and you have a task in your hand and most importantly someone is paying $675,000 for you to play.

Get over it and start playing Shahid. Deccan Chargers need you.

Update : Maharastra government suggested animated characters instead of cheerleaders. I find that obscene and vulgar.


2 Responses to “Cheerleaders are neither cheering nor leading”

  1. dipankar sen said

    cheer leaders have no meaning in cricket field. thats why, it is unwanted. but there are lot more things which are more obscene than those of nude girls in dancing mode. lack of education, terror to women due to lust and superstition, lock-up deaths in police custody etc. are not vulgar?

  2. girisopinion said

    well yes I agree with you. why all of a sudden raise concerns about the cheerleaders in Twenty20? If we are talking about the TV viewing public then wasnt this a part of the Twenty20 worldcup also? Well the reason for all this unnesessary concern about the Indian culture is to make hay when the sun shines. All these politicians know that if they say something while one of most important event in the history of Indian sports is going on they can grab the headlines. They have also used the media’s frustration on the BCCI very cleverly to their advantage.

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