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Harbhajan Singh suspended

Posted by sriram on April 26, 2008

IPL never ceases to entertain its audience. But it is not providing the type of entertained its visionary’s thought it would. It is providing the entertainment through controversies. First it was the request for ban against cheerleaders, then it was Shah Rukh not paying his bills, now it is Harbhajan Singh slapping his younger brother (he thinks so) Sreesanth. This is how the story has unfolded so far.

  1. Kings XI Punjab has lodged a formal compaint to BCCI against Harbhajan Singh
  2. Farukh Engineer says there is video evidence against Harbhajan Singh.
  3. Everybody thought  Harbhajan would play the next match.
  4. Harbhajan Singh suspended and will not play the next Mumbai Indians match.tomorrow with Deccan Chagers in Mumbai.

Moral of the story : Jab Bhajji ko gussa aata hain, Sreesanth rota hain.

Translation : When Harbhajan gets angry, Sreesanth cries.


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