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Its not a slap, its a slugfest : Sreesanth

Posted by sriram on April 26, 2008

I am not sure whom to believe anymore. Here is what  Harbhajan and Sreesanth has to say before and after the ban. 

Harbhajan’s First version :

I have not slapped Sreesanth”
“We have played together for many years”
“We are like brothers.”
“I did push him which hurt him, but we have spoken after that.”
“We will continue playing cricket together”
“I dont know anything about the complaint lodged by Kings XI Punjab”
“Its between me and Sreesanth. We have sorted this out. As far as me and Sreesanth are concerned, this matter is finished”
“We are like brothers.” — Reiterated.

Sreesanth’s first version before the ban :

  1. “Harbhajan is like his big brother and there is nothing to worry about the incident.”
  2. He also says that its “all part in the game.” Which game? Its definetly not in cricket. Atleast, not that I know of.
  3. “I will take whatever happens in the game” — And cry after that?
  4. “I have forgiven Harbhajan of whatever happened.”

Sreesanth’s Second version after the ban in malayalam on asianet:

It was said to be a slap, but it was more than that”
“It was like a slugfest, I never expected this behaviour”
“I have forgiven Harbhajan, for what he did”
“I couldn’t have done much about Harbhajan’s assault” – -How about not crying like a baby?
“I want to continue playing for the country”

Looks like this is going to get ugly.


2 Responses to “Its not a slap, its a slugfest : Sreesanth”

  1. something’s fishy

  2. bigjack said

    i have a big johnson

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