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Why did Harbhajan slap Sreesanth?

Posted by sriram on April 26, 2008

That’s the question everybody is asking. Headlines Today just broke the news.
Looks like Sreesanth after the match went to Harbhajan to shake his hand and said “Hard Luck“. This irked our hothead Harbhajan and he showed what hard luck means by actually slapping Sreesanth.

Something is amiss here. I think there is more to the story. Sreesanth who usually not short of ugly words and gestures just said Hard Luck to Harbhajan. I find that very hard to believe. No, I am not supporting Harbhajan Singh. But, I think Sreesanth said something else.

Coming back to the suspension, if they have compelling evidence against Harbhajan Singh he should be banned for life. This is sport, not blood sport. You compete on the field not off. You play with the bat and a ball. Not on the cheek with a slap. And finally, you are a grown up. Please do not cry Sreesanth. And now that you did, please do not come back in the next match with your ugly gestures and nasty comments. You are not qualified. You do not have the performance to back that up. And most importantly we are all know that you are wuss.

 Final thoughts : Sachin, please come back.


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