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Deccan Chargers too much dependence on Symonds

Posted by sriram on April 27, 2008

This might be costing them the matches and maybe the tournament. When compared with other teams dependence on a particular player is minimal in other teams. Mumbai Indians did not have Sachin Tendulkar, yet gave a good fight in their two games. Royal Challengers do not have any stars to start with but they are winning it. Rajastan Royals are doing exceedingly well and once again broadcasting to the world that cricket is a team game. Knight Riders and Super Kings have won all their matches so far. So it is hard to say if they are depending on stars. But, one thing is certain it is not  a single player who has featured in their wins.

Coming to Chargers, they are heavily depending on Symonds for both bowling and batting. Remember, he is a batting all-rounder or as some would call a bits and pieces player. The other question is, why isnt the same trust being shown on Afridi. Why wasnt he opening the batting. As I have said earlier he can be devastating in the first six overs. His bowling adds a different dimension to the monotonous left-arm seamers of Vaas and RP Singh.

Also, If you are watching the matches, VVS Laxman is not that strong a captain. He is being sandwitched between Gilchrist and Symonds who have their own opinions. Laxman to me, is not able to make his own decisions and coming under the peer pressure or groupthink.

Chargers need a captain who can stand tall and deliver and take decisions. Someone like Dhoni or Ganguly. Since they are not available Gilchrist is your next best option.


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