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Harbhajan likely to face 10 match ban from IPL : BCCI

Posted by sriram on April 27, 2008

That would mean he will miss the most of the IPL and if Mumbai Indians make it to the semi-final he might play that match. That looks highly unlikely as he was already replaced. This augurs well for cricket as a whole. You can fool some people for as much time but not for long. Harbhajan will pay the price and its going to be a handsome amount. He was auctioned by the Reliance Industries led Mumbai Indians team for $850,000.

Sreesanth, on the other hand is guilty as charged. Apparently, he is not a holy cow. He provoked Bhajji and found what he was looking for. BCCI, his employer will reprimand him. I think he should be banned for atleast 3 matches. I am not sure if he has violated any code of conduct but he cried like a baby. That should attract a 3 match ban as per me.

Australian media took this opportunity and bounced right back. They are having a feast. Harbhajan is going to be a toast for them for atleast a week. So will Sreesanth. Imaging the next tour of India to Australia. If selected, Harbhajan and Sreesanth might find it very tough to even survive. Harbhajan is tough guy and he can handle it. But, What about the baby?

I guess, Sreesanth’s mother will accompany him to tour Australia.

Why wasn’t Harbhajan banned for life or for 5 years?


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