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Race to the bottom : Mumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers

Posted by sriram on April 27, 2008

Its a race to the bottom of the points table. Both teams did not win any match so far and are looking to register their first ever win in IPL. Mumbai Indians will be  a depleted side without Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh. But, they will be happy that the right person is at the helm. Shaun Pollock will lead Mumbai Indians against Deccan Chargers. If Sanath Jayasuriya and Robin Uthappa come good there is no stopping the Mumbai Indians.

Deccan Chargers, started the tournament as one of the favorites and only two weeks into the tournament they are looking down the barrel for an early elimination. They do boast marquee players who can change the match in a matter of few overs. That did not happen yet. After three matches they are yet to register a win. Chargers need some radical if not lateral thinking to change the course of their destiny and make the tournament more intersting. Right now the tournament is dominated by Super Kings and Knight Riders. If Chargers want to look for inspiration they do not have to look too far. Check out Rajastan Royals. The way they turned things around and giving tough competion to the best of teams. That does tell us a story. Its not stars who win the matches but players who play as a team win the match.

Chargers have to play as a team to come back and register their first ever win in this tournament. They also have to keep that momentum going to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.

The costliest team, Mumbai Indians are in the same category as Deccan Chargers. But, to their solace their matches were close except for the last one against Kings XI Punjab.

Whoever wins, may not create history but they will not end at the bottom. Whoever loses will find themselves at the bottom of the table. If Mumbai Indians lose, it would be an irony because that would make them the costliest team and the worst performing team at the same time.


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