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Dhoni is back

Posted by sriram on April 28, 2008

Just when the tournament is losing its shine and the australians ready to leave the tournament for their carribean tour Dhoni decided he had enough. He batted with his trademark not scoring in the first 15 balls and then boom. Dhoni has arrived. It has been a while since Dhoni played an innings like this. I am not sure what exactly is the reason. Is it the captaincy or the hair cut. I am not too sure but Dhoni did not do justice to his talent in the past year or so. That is going to change in this tournament. With Hayden and Hussey leaving and there is no one to fall back on for the big innings he decided it is time he took out his armour.

All the sixers and fours he hit have two common qualities, sheer power and exquisite timing.  This performance has taken Super Kings to a total of 178. That does not look like much but they were looking at a total of  150 runs at one stage.

Royal Challengers might fancy their chances against Super Kings attack and a modest target. Super Kings need early wickets to stand any chance


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