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Harbhajan slapped with a 11 match ban in IPL for slapping Sreesanth

Posted by sriram on April 28, 2008

The hearing of IPL commitee has decided a 11 match ban on Harbhajan Singh for slapping Sreesanth. Harbhajan has pleaded guilty about the charges and accepted that he has slapped Sreesanth and also apologized him. This is the decision for IPL matches. His fate still hangs as far as playing for India is concerned. BCCI has appointed a seperate commitee to probe the incident and decision will be taken later.

Harbhajan will miss the whole of IPL. If his team qualifies for final he can play in it. This seems highly unlikely on two accounts:

  1. Mumbai Indians do not look like then can make it to the semi-finals
  2. Reliance management is already unhappy with Harbhajan and he might be replaced never to return back.

Sreesanth should refrain from on-field antics and has been let off with a warning.


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