IPL : Indian Premier League

The new religion of India

IPL stands for Indian Punching League : Economic Times

Posted by sriram on April 28, 2008

Originally, IPL stands for Indian Premier League. Once the auction started for players and looking at the money throwed at players, promotions, websites, cheerleaders, videos, it is termed as Indian Paisa League. Two weeks into the tournament, it still is Indian Paisa League but the recent turn of events had given it one more name. Thanks to Harbhajan and Sreesanth. It is now called Indian Punching League. 

While, this is not good for cricket as a sport it certainly has energised the competition one more time. This happened just when the enthusiasm about IPL is started to die down. There is nothing like good publicity or bad publicity. It is just publicity. IPL has taken that literally.

Lalit Modi will be a happy man. It is infact true that IPL is “Manoranjan ka Baap“. In the middle of this, Shah Rukh has launched his new show “Kya aap panchvi paas se tej hain”. Nobody seems to be talking about this.

Shah Rukh is not happy with Harbhajan for stealing his thunder.


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