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Pidge is getting younger by the day

Posted by sriram on April 30, 2008

Glenn McGrath, and his uncanny resemblance with a bowling machine is rewarded in a big way. In a game format which is heavily dominated by batsmen and being a bowler is a cardinal sin, Pidge survived and triumphed. He took the fight to the opposition. He also proved the critics wrong who argued that bowlers are mere puppets to glamourize the batsmen. If you bowl wicket to wicket when batsmen are trying to score quick runs you always have a chance. He picked up four important wickets in 4 overs. When he finished his spell, his figures read 4-0-29-4. He was not happy after he bowled the last ball. Why? Because there was a misfield and the last ball went to a four. It should have been a single. Any other bowler would have been happy. But not McGrath. That is how much this aussie values the runs he gives away. In addition to that he has dived desperately to stop a boundary and touched the rope during the process. The video evidence was inconclusive to decide anything and they gave it in favor of the fielder. He saved 2 runs for his team.

This efforts have earned him the man of the match. Quite rightly so. I think Gautam Gambhir might be disappointed after his blistering knock of 86 runs which placed him in the top 10 run scorers. But, he wouldn’t complain. As we have seen 17 matches and not even a single time was a bowler rewarded. This is the first time in the tournament. I hope there will be many more to come.

If any younster has to learn any one thing from the tournament, I want them to learn this : discipline. No, sledging is not as glamorous as you think it is.  Staring at the opponent might be fine for one time but not bad mouthing. It is the utter discipline and healthy respect for learning the naunces of the game is what a youngster should learn. If you want a role model emulate McGrath, not Sreesanth. Sreesanth is like monkey whose tail is caught on fire and doesn’t know how to douse it. He is a lousy bowler, pathetic fielder above all a crying wuss. I repeat, please emulate McGrath, not Sreesanth. 

Rahul Dravid has this to say at the end of the match : “McGrath made the difference” — Indeed.

Daredevils won the match by 9 runs and move up a notch on the points table to second spot.


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