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Ganguly did not play the game in the right spirit : Warne

Posted by sriram on May 1, 2008

Shane Warne, Rajastan Royals skipper accused Saurav Ganguly of not playing the game in the right spirit. This happened in their match between Knight Riders and Rajastan Royals, which is won by Rajastan Royals by 45 runs. Warne accused Ganguly on two accounts :

  1. Saurav Ganguly, did not come to the crease on time and Royals were waiting in the scorching sun for Saurav. Warne checked with umpire Rudy Kurtzen to see what the delay is but he does not have any clue. Then Warne walked up to Ganguly and said this “Mate, this is not about you, it is about the cricket. Lets start the game on time”. He recalls the spirt of cricket agreement which all captains signed in Bangalore on 18th April. Each side would take 1 hour 20 minutes to finish 20 overs.
  2. Saurav Ganguly hit a ball from Yusuf Pathan to the deep. Greame Smith came running and dived to the front to take the catch. Smith claimed the catch. Everybody is ecstatic except Saurav. He appealed to the umpire quite animately to refer the catch to the third umpire. The umpire was GM Pratap Kumar. He succumbed to the pressure and refered it to the third umpire. Third umpire, much to the dismay of Shane Warne and Greame Smith, ruled it in favor of the batsman. Catch looked clean to me. Warne’s accusation is Ganguly should take the word of Greame Smith who is a renowned captain of South Africa, and also he has no right to pressure the umpire to go for third umpire.

Other pertinent questions : 

  1. Why did the Indian umpire GM Pratap Kumar refer to third umpire?
  2. Why did the third umpire gave the decision in favor of Ganguly?

Now, my concern: Is IPL a comeback saga for whatever happened in Australia and to turn the heat back on India about the spirit of the game? First, we have the Harbhajan episode which gave a glimpse to the world and also lost India’s credibility in defending Harbhajan over the years. Now, this Ganguly episode where our spirit of game is questioned.

Whatever might be the case, it does not augur well for Indian cricket. Ganguly, an experienced cricketer should have been better informed.


6 Responses to “Ganguly did not play the game in the right spirit : Warne”

  1. chnadab said

    sourav is the legend of world cricket . he is the most successful captain of india .he is dedicated for cricket,that’s why ? he is back with blasting form.no one in this world has reached upto that destination in cricket to teach sourav,either warne or gul.

  2. nifty50 said

    He might be a legend and the most succussful captain India has seen, but he is not greater than the game itself. There are two more legends also, Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar. Why is that no one ever complains about them? Maybe, Saurav was right in appealing to the umpire about the catch given the australian history, but why was he late to the crease? That is something totally unacceptable at the international level.

  3. Ishan said

    Its unfortunate that our media makes much hue and cry about our players because of the emergence of 24 x 7 news channels they need kind of masala to run their respective businesses.
    During the sydney test when saurav was caught by clarke and kind of gestures he had to face from the aussie players , were they(gestures) in the spirit of game even though he was absolutely not out….
    Yesterday Saurav felt that he was not out and he asked the umpire, who referred the decision to third umpire and eventually he was given not out…During his interview late night on AAJ TAK he clearly stated that he just conveyed to umpire that the catch was not cleanly taken it was umpire who went to the 3rd umpire. he did not compel him to go to 3rd umpire.
    Moreover aussies are they people who started dirty politics, sledging and mind games with the opposition.
    Now when the same thing is done to them they get agitated.
    Now its upto Indian media deals with such matters……???

  4. Ganguly has too big of an ego, thats why he was never a popular person in the team . Two people from KKR team said that they disliked Ganguly as a captain (on condition on anonymity). So obviously its Ganguly who is the nuisance.

  5. arjun said

    There is nothing wrong in ganguly asking for clarification as he himself had such experience with Clarke in australia.And why is warne getting so much emotional and who is he to publicly criticise Sourav when there are other methods to sort out the issue OF coming late.Remember, by official records he was only 70 seconds late.A player who was banned from international cricket for drug use should not speak about reputation of Smith and spirit of the game

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