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Ganguly, Warne and the umpire fined

Posted by sriram on May 2, 2008

Its raining fines in IPL. Yesterday’s match between Rajastan Royals vs Knight Riders resulted in yet another controversy. Shane Warne was displeased with Saurav’s behavior. Saurav laughed at Shane Warne saying that he is no saint. In the middle of all this IPL is making money. You might ask how. Simple. IPL fined Saurav Gangaly, Shane Warne and the umpire GM Pratap Kumar. Reasons :

  1. Saurav Ganguly was fined for showing dissent on-field
  2. Shane Warne was fined for criticizing officials in public.
  3. GM Pratap Kumar was fined for not referring to the on-field umpire Rudy Kurtzen and referring the third umpire directly. He was suspended for one match.

All three of them were fined 10% of their match fee. That would be $7800 from Ganguly and $3200 from Shane Warne. I am not sure how much the umpires make.


One Response to “Ganguly, Warne and the umpire fined”

  1. poor umpire.

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