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Who will go to semi-finals?

Posted by sriram on May 6, 2008

Here are my predictions for the semi-finals. The 2 teams which will go to the semi-final for sure :

  1. Rajastan Royals
  2. Kings XI Punjab

Reason : These two teams are relying on the team performance as a whole and not on individual stars.

The 2 teams which will not go to the semi-finals are :

  1. Royal Challengers
  2. Knight Riders

Reason : These two teams neither have a team performance nor have any stars to really take the match away.

The teams which will battle it out for the last 2 slots in semi-finals are :

  1. Daredevils
  2. Deccan Chargers
  3. Mumbai Indians
  4. Super Kings

The four teams above has match winners. If they click they can win the match for you. But if they fail they have to fall back on the team performance. They revolve against 1 or 2 players with the exception of Deccan Chargers which has 4 players.

Daredevils : Heavy dependence on Sehwag and Gambhir. If Sehwag clicks, game is up. If Gambhir clicks they are still in the race. Add to that McGrath and Asif who really dont give any runs away. They might actually clinch the 3rd semi-final slot but I have to keep them in the hunt because of their vulnerabilities.

Deccan Chargers : This team continues to perplex me. With such star line-up I am not sure why it did not find its place in the top 4. Having said that, they still have a pretty good chance to win some games and straighten things out. They have atleast 4 stars and the probability of one of them clicking is high. If any one of them clicks they can really win the match. Strengths are batting, fielding. Weakness : Bowling, Opportunity : Captaincy. If they find their spot in the semi-final they might actually win the tournament and make Deccan Chronicle $2 million richer.

Mumbai Indians : Expensive franchise in the circuit, still grappling with the difficulty of Harbhajan’s suspension and Sachin’s injury. They look like they have their team in order finally. Robin Uthappa and Shaun Pollock are real match winners. If Sachin comes back it would be a huge bonus.

Super Kings  : I wanted to put them in the second list of a big NO-NO to the semi-final but they have some points and with a few wins here and there they might end up in the semi-final. I think luck and skill have ran out for Dhoni along with some key players. It would be hard to rally around a team which has no performers. Suresh Raina is an exception and a saving grace for this team. I would rather not put my money on this team. Just look at what a big hole they have dug in by selection Mathew Hayden and Mike Hussey.

Knight Riders : You might think they have good chance of making it to the semi-final. Considering Shoaib Akthar joining the team one might argue that their chances have improved considerably. Ok, lets face it Shoaib Akthar is a maverick bowler and he can take wickets and at a exponential pace he can concede runs too. That is a dangerous proposition in 20-20 format. They really do not have any depth in their batting other than David Hussey. No, good old Ganguly is not upto the task. He needs to wait for the spinner to launch a couple of sixers. Now, that’s a rarity. On their day they might win a match or two. But, to do that continuously they might fall short.

History suggests that, teams who have a dream run in the league matches might end up losing the most important match, the semi-final or the final.  Its either Daredevils or Deccan Chargers who have a good chance of winning the tournament. These are the two teams which fall into the category of not too strong or not too weak, but have their vulnerabilities.



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