IPL : Indian Premier League

The new religion of India

IPL hall of shame

Posted by sriram on May 7, 2008

  1. Sreesanth crying like a baby after being hit by Harbhajan. He was reprimanded.
  2. Harbhajan hitting Sreesanth. Banned for 11 IPL matches
  3. Ganguly, appealing to the umpire for a catch taken by Greame Smith
  4. Shane Warne criticizing Ganguly for being late to the crease and appealing against a clean catch. Fined 10% match fee.
  5. Umpire Amish Saheba criticizing Sreesanth’s on-field behavior in a interview. Suspended for 2 matches.
  6. Ishant Sharma hitting the stump in disgust. Fine 10% match fee.
  7. Umpire GM Pratap Kumar suspended for one match for not referring to the on-field umpire in the Ganguly episode.
  8. Lalchand Rajput, Mumbai Indians coach was standing behind Harbhajan when he slapped Sreesanth. He did nothing about it. He was fined 50% of his match fee. 

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