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Gavaskar quits as the chairman of ICC cricket committee

Posted by sriram on May 8, 2008

Asked to decide between his media commitments (commentary) and the ICC job, Gavaskar chose the media commitments. He will be back at the IPL providing his valuable insights in commentary. I guess he is missing praising Sachin Tendulkar. Because that will be out of context on a ICC job. Gavaskar’s decision comes after ICC found that he is having a conflict of interest in two different roles and has to chose between the two. With so much cricket being played and so many lousy commentators around Gavaskar has found a niche market and a non-fungible job for himself. His position as a commentator will not be challenged for a while as there is realy dearth of talent. That does not mean that Gavaskar is a good commentator. Far from it, he fills the words in the commentary by pronouncing the names of the players correctly and fully. For example if Ganguly misfields, this is what Gavaskar would say. Saurav Ganguly, the former captain of India has misfielded, which has resulted in a run for his team. He is also called as prince of kolkata, mind you. True he uses that many words. You can check as he will be back from Dubai to entertain us all.

Long live Gavaskar.

PS : I guess, IPL pays the commentators handsomely. Or else, why would he quit an executive postion?

Long live IPL. If it wasnt for IPL, Gavaskar might have thought twice.

Gavaskar resigns as ICC cricket committee head


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